CL945 Specification
CL945 I (one color) CL945 II (two color)
Max. Machine Speed 100 sheets/min 100 sheets/min
Max. Sheet Size 1145960 mm 1145960 mm
Min Sheet Size 710530 mm 710530 mm
Max. Sheet Thickness 0.4 mm 0.4 mm
Min. Sheet Thickness 0.15 mm 0.15 mm
Max. printing Area 1135 955 mm 1135 955 mm
Press plate Size 1160W 1105L 0.3T mm 1160W 1105L 0.3T mm
Blanket Size 1175W 1250L 1.95T mm 1175W 1250L 1.95T mm
Main Motor AC Servo Motor 7500 w AC Servo Motor 15000 w
Total Weight 16 tons 28 tons
Machine Height 2420 mm 2420 mm
Required Floor Area L10000 W3430 mm L14000 W3430 mm

  1. The actual production speed depends on metal sheet, coating materials, inks, and other design factors.
  2. Some of the features are options and can be continuous improvement. We reserve the right to modify features and specification.