CHIULUN New Tinplate Printing Machinery CL945 Launch

Chiu-Lun Enterprise launch new model CL945 in 2017.  Replacing the CL902, the CL945 builds with more excellent product specifications and performance to effectively improve the tinplate metal and aluminum printing efficiency, and reduce costs. Simple and intuitive user interface simplify operation process, ease for use, maintenance, and improve safety .

For more detailed features and product specifications, please refer to the product information.

New characteristics of Chiulun Tinplate Printing Machinery

We have enhanced some performance of tinplate printing machinery, improved the user interface and increased the safety protection for operator since 2012.

Side gauge dial indicator setting width becomes more quickly and easily.
Blanket cylinder can mount aluminum bar blanket and general blanket bar.
General blanket bar, clamping rubber blanket without punch
Quick plate clamp is easy to position the PS, either use the pin or U-shaped hole.
Motion control, YASKAWA, Model type: MP2300; multi axis control, Operation cycle 1ms
YASKAWA servo driver and Teco inverter.
Digital communication control reduces interference and enhance the accuracy of printing chromatic.